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Every business has unique obstacles, challenges, and needs. We understand that no two businesses are alike. We work with the client to formulate legal solutions that fit within the business structure and objectives.

Our business law practice can assist all types of businesses from start-ups, to established businesses, to non-profits.

Below is a sample of the services we offer. If you do not see the specific issue you need assistance with, please use the Email link at the bottom of the page and give a short description of the issue in the title.

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The State of Texas provides several entity options for businesses. There is no one magic entity type that works for every business. Each entity type has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. We aid the client in evaluating each of these to determine the type of entity that best fits their specific circumstances and needs.

In addition to drafting and filing the formation documents with the Secretary of State, we can draft these additional documents:

  • Governing Documents (bylaws, operating agreement, partnership agreement);
  • Meeting Minutes Forms;
  • Board Resolution Forms; and
  • Unanimous Written Consent Forms

Each form comes with instructions describing when and how each form should be used.


In some cases it can be beneficial for two companies working together on a project to create a joint venture instead of a completely new legal entity for the project. A joint venture agreement will cover the obligations of each party to the joint venture including the contributions, the splitting of profits and losses, and much more.

The joint venture services also include mutual non-disclosure agreements.


Internal Governance services comprise the creation of internal policies and procedures for your business. Some examples include Compensation Policies, Conflict of Interest Policies and Sexual Harassment Polices. Existing policies can also be reviewed and updated.

We also assist in conducting internal investigations. This can be particularly helpful in reducing potential conflict problems that can arise when in-house counsel is conducting the investigation.


Raising new financing for a business can be a challenging process that is highly regulated by State Blue Sky Law and Federal Securities Laws. Our securities services assist the client in exemption selection and compliance. We also assist in creating the disclosure documents as well as comprehensive plans for investor screening and document control.

Please view our Securities Services page for a complete list and description of the services we provide.


Every major business transaction should be evidenced by a contract. A contract clearly defines the rights and obligations of each party before the transaction begins and creates a fixed record of each. This is an extremely beneficial in two ways. First, by setting forth the understanding of the parties up front, there should be no questions as to what the transaction will involve for each party. Second, this can save a tremendous amount of time and money if something were to go wrong during the transaction.

Whenever signing a contract it is imperative to understand the precise rights and obligations contained in the agreement. We can assist you by providing a detailed explanation of each contract and assist in negotiation of the final contract.


Set your business apart from the competition and create value in the process. Intellectual Properties can be very valuable assets to businesses. IP Management services are designed to help your business protect and leverage these properties.


Trademarks, or Servicemarks for service-based businesses, identify your goods to consumers and set them apart from the competition. Marks can be graphics, words or slogans. The more distinctive and creative the Mark is, the more protection it provides. We work with the client to develop these strong marks. Based on the actual or intended use of the Mark it can be registered with the State of Texas or the Federal Government. Even though registration is not required to have protection for your Mark, there are many benefits afforded to those that register.

Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets make your business different from your competition. In order to keep these secrets protected there needs to be a comprehensive plan in place. We work with the client to identify the secrets and make sure that these secrets remain confidential.

Other IP rights

Business may also have rights in trade dress (the way their product or service is presented) and copyright in materials produced. Please contact us for more information on these services.


Once a business' IP rights are identified, we can assist in the licensing of these rights. We assist the client in selecting the licensees and drafting the agreements.


It is never too soon to begin to form a plan for exiting your business. Whether you decide to sell your business, pass control on to a relative, or pass control on to an employee or employee(s) we can create a plan to facilitate it.


We offer several services specifically for Non-Profit organizations in addition to our regular business services

  • Formation of Non-Profit corporation
  • Preparation and filing of Federal 501(c)(3) Non-Profit status application
  • Drafting of essential internal documents required to obtain Federal 501 (c)(3) status such as bylaws, Compensation Agreements, and a Conflict of Interest Policy
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